Greyhound Country Inn-Children’s Menu

For the Little One’s or The Smaller Tummy

Chicken burger £6.95

With lettuce & Tomato

Mini beef burger £6.95

With lettuce & Tomato

Chicken breast £6.95

Mini fish and chips £7.50

Cheese and tomato pizza £6.95

Butchers’ sausages £6.95

Macaroni cheese £ 6.95

Select from above then select

Chips, Fries, Mash or Smiley Faces

Plus, Beans, Carrots, Peas, Broccoli


Fruit Salad £2.50

Chocolate Brownie £2.50

Ice Cream 1 Scoop £2.50 see main dessert menu for flavours

If there is nothing on here your Child likes

please do ask us, if we have the ingredients

to make something else we will